15 April 2013

Updates! Updates! Updates!

  So I have officially finished the first draft of my manuscript.
(Cue the doves, and the trumpets, ooh, maybe some balloons?)

  Now of course I am quite happy about this. Why? Because I get to edit! I get to scrawl across this bad boy with a magic red pen and making it go from total suckness to awesomeness.

  Wait. Did you just say it sucked?

  Well of course. All first drafts are supposed to suck, at least that's what one of my favorite authors said. Which, that statement made me feel a lot happier, just in case of course, my manuscript does indeed suck.

  So what are my plans at this point? Edit. Edit. Edit.

  Side note: I wrote the first chapter for book two just a few hours ago. I don't know, it just came to me as I was editing, so why not go ahead and pen it?

  Side note 2: I joined Camp NanoWrimo. After not doing anything for November's NanoWrimo, I thought it was only right to get back in the writing gods good graces. So yea. I've been using my current WIP as my word count.

Is anyone participating?

Oh and for your viewing pleasure...



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