13 April 2013

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I feel like it has been ages since I've done a proper post. (Perhaps a bit over a year) and to be honest, I know why.
  I often see bloggers say they don't know why, time just flies by, but for me, I wasn't in the right place as far as my writing is concerned.
  What I mean by that is, I would start on a story, but it would never go anywhere. I would come up with a great plot (in my opinion), amazing characters, and the works, but every single time, I got stuck at some point or another while writing it.

 If I didn't get stuck, an idea for another story would pop into my mind and I would want to start on that one because it seemed like a better idea at the time.

 That's how it has been for the last three years or so, but now I feel as though I have found my muse. I am currently working on a piece and I'm a little over 30,000 words in--the most I have ever written for a single WIP--and I know exactly where I'm going with it. For the first time, I feel as though I'm actually going to finish a draft. I am beyond ecstatic about that.

 I'm not saying that I don't get ideas for other stories as I'm writing--I've already come up with a concept for book two and a spin off for two of the minor characters--but it isn't distracting me from my current WIP.
 What does this mean for me???

  I'm back with a brand new blog and I even tried my hand at Photoshop and made a banner. (Isn't it purdy?) I can't wait to get back in the groove of posting and things. I've missed it feverishly.

  My muse has come home!


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