12 May 2013

An Intimate Betrayal*

I have changed the name of my current WIP (again?) yep, again. The last time I talked about it, I had just finished the draft and was ready to dive into edits.


At first, I was eager to edit it, scrawling in red pen across the pages, but as the pages became drenched in red, I grew disheartened. It started to take me days, nearly weeks, just to get through editing one scene. So, instead of forcing myself to continue on, I put the book down and walked away.

Not for good, but just long enough that when I picked it back up a few days ago, I grew excited all over again.

Now,  I've edited everything! What's next? Applying the edits to the official doc, then adding a few scenes and chapters that I think will help progress the work along.

After that?

Another round of edits.


I'll send it off to a few betas and get some feedback.

OMG. This is really happening. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless.

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