08 March 2012

The Great Word Count Challenge

I've been participating in this sort of...contest? And it is called the Great Word Count Challenge, where the author of the blog challenges us (writers/readers) to write more than her for this entire week.

Having only a few classes a day, I thought I would win for sure (it doesn't end until Sunday at midnight). But to be honest, now that I'm trying to write to win something, I can't write at all.
Last week, I pushed out 20k words in three days. This week, I've barely passed 9k. 

I have a theory on that.

1. I write better when I'm just writing for myself.

I know what you're thinking. Doesn't everyone write better when they write because they want to?
Not necessarily. When I'm writing papers for class, it is much harder for me to just write if I'm not under pressure. I know this isn't a good habit, but I choose to wait until the very last minute before I write my paper. That's just what works for me.

Result: Instead of viewing this as a contest, I'm going to ignore the concept that I will be winning a prize (if I do win) and concentrate on what's important. The Writing.


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