12 March 2012


This past Thursday, I spoke with my English professor about my current WIP. During our talk, I realized that I was trying to include too many elements.

Once back in my dorm, I thought of what could be included without having information overload.

1. I had three essential parts to the novel and my professor explained to me that with the way I described it to her, each part could be its own novel.

Result: Only use part 1 for the first book.

2. Without the inclusion of part two and three of my initial draft, I no longer have a conflict.

Result: Essentially, this is a YA paranormal romance. With that, I will focus more on Aiden and Elle's relationship and stop trying to throw them in whimsical situations just to say that there will be a battle.

3. Bringing my paranormal elements to life.

Result: Research. Research. Research.

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  1. so interesting! like it!!!




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