13 March 2012

Writing: The Essence

As some of you may know, I wrote for the Great Word Count Challenge last week, sadly I did not win (*shrug). Anywho, it helped me write at least a good forty or more pages. However, this beautiful device...

...decided to freeze on me so I had to shut it down, thus losing every bit of work I had.
(I couldn't exactly do this since I don't actually use a desk, but you get the drift.)
Now, normally I would have cried and wasted hours trying to find a way to recover my missing documents. Instead, I just started a new doc and began anew.

Why did I do this?

I don't write well when I'm angry. I can't say I don't write well when having extreme feelings because normally that is when I write my best.
Back to the angry part...
If I'm angry, the writing is very choppy and sometimes I might kill off a character. (No judging!)
This time I channeled my energy into a positive, and now I have chapter titles written and I'm currently working on the quotes that correspond with each.

What's my point?
I understand that things happen to everyone. If I need to rewrite a couple chapters (in this case a couple is an understatement) it's okay. I might very well improve it while writing.

Remember that writing is supposed to be relaxing and something you do because you love it.


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