29 January 2012

Developing Characters

I often wonder why authors pick a certain name for their characters or give them the personality that they have.

As I began writing my first manuscript (that manuscript is trashed but I kept the characters for another one.)  I thought I needed to write out everything about my characters, but I realized that the characters have a mind of their own.
I'm not sure if I've introduced you all to Aiden (if I have I'll link it here.)

Since I have a post on Aiden. I won't further bore you on him, but here are a few (yes, only a few) of my favorite characters.

1. Harry Potter (Self titled)

   I'm not sure if there are any authors that don't appreciate the Harry Potter series and the characters involved.

2. Hermoine (Harry Potter Series)

She is one of the best heroines that I've ever read. She was able to take care of herself rather than have other people do it for her.

3. Tris (Divergent)

Tris was just an overall badass. She went from being the shy underestimated girl from a different faction, to one of the best in Dauntless.

4. Will (The Infernal Devices)

I don't know what it is about sarcasm but I think it's a great quality to have. Not in every circumstance, however. He, as a character, should be like the spokesperson of sarcasm.

5. Snape (Harry Potter)

How can people not love Snape? I know he was...rude to say the least, towards Harry in the beginning, but he is definitely one of the most misunderstood characters in fiction.

6. Katniss (Hunger Games)

Another badass.

7. Acheron (Self Titled)

I know I often gush about Acheron in majority of my posts, but he really did change my life.

8. Savitar (Dark Hunters)
I know the most and the least about this guy. And I often find myself scouring the web for a possible release date for him. (**And if S.K. is reading this right now. Please release him!! I'm begging you!!)

Who are some of your all time favorites??

Thanks for reading,

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