21 January 2012

Writer's Block

Have you ever been writing and realized that you're just...stuck..

Sort of like this...


I've been suffering from this for a while now. (ANother reason I haven't posted much. Sorry!) But I've learned a way to resolve this.


When I realize that I'm suffering from Writer's Block. I rewrite the entire chapter that I'm working on. I know what you're thinking. Why am I going backwards?

A) Though I don't realize it, my muse is telling me that something is off with what I've written and I'm unable to continue.

Solution: If I rewrite what I've already written then perhaps I can find where I went wrong and correct it. It does help I must admit. After I correct the problem, even if it's just one word, I am able to continue until, again, I make another mistake.

Sometimes, it's not always the entire chapter that is awry. It may be just a scene, but I can only rewrite this way if I know exactly what the problem is. (75% of the time, I don't.)

I didn't use to do it this way though. Before, I wrote a scene that popped in my mind no matter the place in the manuscript. For example, I would be writing chapter 1 and when I couldn't write anymore, I began on chapter 27. 
Though this was successful for a spell, eventually I just had bits and pieces of a story that didn't always come together. I even tried to just write pieces to go in between what I written, but in the end I had a very sketchy manuscript.
Result??? Trashed.

I'm not saying that my new way will work for everyone, but I do think it's a productive way of finishing a chapter without having bits and pieces missing.

Do you have a specific way you get through writer's block?? If so, leave me a line below.

Thanks for reading,

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