30 January 2012

Books that changed my life: #10

So I'm starting a series of posts  about certain novels that have had a major impact on my life. Not just writing, but my life overall. I've narrowed it down to my top ten and I hope that you enjoy my list. Feel free to add your favs in a comment.

How can I fully describe the magnificence of Lewis Carroll?
I have to be honest, however. I did not read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a child like most others, but I read it for a class during my senior year of high school. My class had an assignment where we were  to write a Literary Criticism Paper on any AP worthy novel.

I wasn't very excited about this assignment because I didn't believe in "criticizing" a novel. I never thought I was worthy enough to tear apart an author's work, but as my teacher delightfully explained, we were looking for deeper meanings within the text to explain to our audience.

The list she gave us was long and had every bit of work on it, but none of them held any interest in my heart. Luckily, she also told us that we could petition a novel to her and she would give us permission if she approved. 

My first pick was Lolita. And yes, I do mean that Lolita. (She told us about this novel on a previous date and recommended it as a great novel. As a avant book reader, anything she suggested I picked up.)
It was a great novel yes, but my amateurish brain couldn't decide what to write about besides the obvious.

Then I picked Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I'm not sure why I picked this novel. I think the movie with Johnny Depp had just come out...I love Johnny Depp...Anywho, I petitioned, and she accepted.

I thought I would combine the two into one paper, focusing on the view of adolescent girls during the earlier ages, but it didn't work out so I focused my attention on only Alice's Adventures.

I delved into the work like I was searching for gold! I searched for things that weren't necessarily there, but I found anyway (que symbolism). It was shocking to me how sensible Lewis Carroll was though all I ever heard was that the novel was nonsense. 

To me, it was beautiful.

I found a fanatical world that had humans, but also had supernatural elements. I am sure this began my interest in the paranormal.

Overall, Lewis Carroll taught me a love for literature that wasn't as passionate before he came into my life.

***Just in case you were wondering, I got Two A's and a B on said paper.***

Thanks for reading,

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