31 January 2012

Books that changed my life: #9

Here's the second post in the series of novels that changed my life. The first can be viewed here.

I read this back during the summer before Junior year of high school.
I was in the library with a then friend of mine and she recommended this book to me. In my mind, I was thinking I'd never read this book because I don't like vampires. (It's true, back then I didn't like vampires.)

A couple weeks later, I was over my sister's house and she had it. I decided, well, since everyone has it, how about I give it a go.

I. Couldn't. Put. It. Down.

I don't know what it was! I was infatuated by the book and I could barely function if I didn't read it at least once a day. I finished it a few hours later, then I NEEDED New Moon. Perhaps it was my adolescent mind that latched onto the fact that the two main characters were my age. Back then I had no idea there was a genre for my age group. I grew up reading John Grisham and the like.

Anywho after living in a purple haze while reading the last novel, (it took me a whopping 5 days to finish all four.) I finally finished and didn't know what to do after. Honestly, I was obsessed in a way that makes me blush 3 years later. I bout every book in hardcover, paperback, and the little pocket sized books. For my birthday, I got shirts, a blanket, the TEAM EDWARD water bottle. Dude, I got EVERYTHING.

Now, I don't quite understand what all the hype was about. Sure I loved like the next person, but for some reason, the love just isn't there anymore. I can't even pick up the book anymore. (It also might be a fear that I'll get obsessed again. Not cool.)

To be honest, Stephanie Meyer was the reason I began writing. Se made me think, "Yes, I can be a writer." Whether everyone bashes her for the grammatical errors and the overall plot to her novels, you have to admit, she had you enraptured too.

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