13 December 2011


How difficult are prophecies? 

Yet though they are an awesome part of the story--I mean look at one of the greatest prophecies ever...

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As you may have realized, I'm working on a prophecy and I have to be honest, it's not as easy as it's read out to be. Reasons:

1. It has to be vague.

We as authors know what's going to happen at the end of the series/novel, but we can't let our readers know. So how can we, writers, take out everything in that prophecy where we don't give too much away, while simultaneously, giving everything away.

2. It has to rhyme.

This is like an unspoken rule for me. The prophecy has to rhyme. Why? Because it's Greek Mythology. They spoke in riddles and doesn't everything just sound a lot more exciting when you're rhyming.
The bad part is, it's hard finding rhyming words that fit.

3. It has to not make sense.

Believe it or not, prophecies are not meant to make sense to anyone but the AUTHOR. I know, I know, shouldn't readers know what's going on? Absolutely not. (Hell no! Can I say Hell on here *shrug).
Anyway, you have to keep the reader guessing. If a reader can figure out everyone involved in the prophecy then it's not that good.
**DISCLAIMER** J.K. is like an exception to all my rules. By the time we all heard her prophecy we knew everyone involved. Mine however, I want to keep people guessing until the very end.

Have you tried to make a prophecy??
Leave me a line below.

Thanks for reading!


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