11 December 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for so long...There was a death in my family and it was hard coping with that, but what better way to get back on my feet than to start back blogging and continuing with the current WIP?

So, I have a new concept that I'm working on with 14 keys. I think it's a lot more exciting than the last version. I can't wait to share it with you guys, but it'll have to wait for a bit. (a *hint though, I'm featuring a new place in London)....

I'm about 15,000 words into the new draft and I think it's going pretty good. (Who knows really?)

On to the exciting stuff.


Everyone views happiness differently. Some individuals say they're happy, but they find so many flaws in their life that it's hard to truly say that they are. This is an issue one of my characters faces.

Aiden, my lovely, isn't truly happy, but he pretends as though he is so that the people in his life, (those select few), do not question him. (He hates questions about himself).

So how can I, as a loyal friend to Aiden, help him from point A (contentedness) to point B (happiness)? Easy. Here's my formula.

1. Why is he unhappy?
Sitting down and just talking won't be easy I'm sure. It'll probably be an awkward talk like in this movie.
 (Google Images)
But I have to find out what started the dark journey down "jadedness" lane. What caused him to become so unhappy that he now only lives as a shell. Once I get to the root of this problem, I'll be able to further help him.

2. Who? What? Where? When?
This is more of a four part question. Was it a person that made him unhappy? A place? An event? And when did it happen?
If the unhappiness began recently (like in a span of months), it'll be hard to fix him because the hurt it fresh. (Well, I guess it depends on how the hurt came about wether or not this statement is true).
Who? If it was a she, how did she hurt him? Where is she now? When did it happen? What did she do?
I can channel each of my W's into each individual W. (Does that make sense?)

3. Has he ever been happy?
If he's never been happy, then there's a chance he doesn't know what happiness is. If it is shown to him he could look over it like it's another passing occurrence instead of viewing it as it's supposed to be. If he has been happy, I can draw on that and learn of his feelings then and try to tie it to the feelings he's having now.

One thing I'm sure about it: I want him to find happiness within himself before finding happiness with another individual. I think he deserves that much at least.

How do you bring your characters from sadness to happiness.... Leave me a line below.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Usually my characters go through some sort of ordeal or see someone go through one so they can evaluate it and find a way to evolve through the experience (I hope that makes sense). -Kamela :)

  2. NIce blog.






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