05 November 2011

Halloween. Birthdays. Lost Love.

Hey guys, I know it's been forever since my last post (my apologies).

Life has been hectic. Doing plays, halloween, and my birthday was yesterday. I'm sure none of you will be surprised to hear that I've had absolutely no time to do any writing.

Ok, so on to the good stuff.

I've joined Nanowrimo and I have about 9,000 words so far. (Is that good?) Hopefully this will help me actually make my goal of finishing this novel before the end of 2011. I finished and won Nanowrimo last year so hopefully I can do the same this year.

So without further ado....

Love Lost.

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I've written a scene of the first chapter for book two of the series. I think it's a good idea to write backwards instead of in order.
(What does that mean)
Well, the first chapter is telling the readers about their emotional struggles...So, I know where they're going to end up and I'm not sure how to get there so I decided to write one scene at a time, starting from the end and backtracking to the beginning. This way I hopefully won't lose any of the story behind the story. (get it?)
I think it's a fool proof system.


My other WIP, with the wolves, has taken on a new plot. While writing it, my main character, Hayley, just seemed too weak to be a werewolf. They're supposed to be predators. Lethal. She just seemed a bit...wimpy, for lack of a better word and since I changed her character, I had to change the entire plot. (I think I like the new plot anyway.)
I have two guys that could possibly be her hero. One is morally sound and may have done some questionable things in his past but overall he's a great person.
The other guy is the typical bad boy. I mean, not really bad but he's that guy that you love to hate. He'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants, no matter whose life hangs in the balance.


Well, this is just a bit of insight into what all I've gotten completed for a few of my WIPs.

Please leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I didn't do it this year, but maybe next year!



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