25 October 2011

Fighting Love.

I recently wrote a scene (perhaps ten minutes ago) where my two love interests fight. He basically tells her he never loved her, yda yda, but I know he doesn't mean it.

I have to say, it's bloody painful to write this type of fighting. Sure bloody brawling is easy because I know the bad guys are going to get hurt, and even if it's a good guy, I know they'll recover. But how can I , as a woman, force my female character to return to a guy that basically ripped out her heart and smushed it.

I'm not sure how to bring them back together. I know, all couples fight, buttt geezzzzzz, did he have to say all that?

Welcome, topic of today's post.

If you notice, despite a genre, every couple has to fight at least once in the series and/or stand alone book. Whether it be something trivial or a full on fight fest (que in Mr. and Mrs. Smith), there's going to be a fight to split the couple, but as we notice, they end up back together by the end of the novel.

What else I realize, sometimes they get back together just because the author wants them to. I wish that some (not all) authors would take their time to mend the relationship instead of making the girl forgive the guy because he's something spectacular. Vampire/Werewolf/Berserker/Valkyrie/Demon whatever. Either the girl or the guy is human so they should have human emotions, yes?

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My question to my lovely readers, how do you bring your characters bak from an awful fight so that they can love once more???

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hi Ashley! I wrote a "love war" episode in my book. I almost ended up crying. Getting them back together is a challenge. For me, both of them should realize what's wrong, or they talk it out, but the decision to get back together should be made by the pair. After all, it takes two to happily tango.



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