07 November 2011


My computer is smashed. (I used a much more colorful word to describe when I went to the Apple Store.)

Last night, I was on it, minding my own business when up comes the dialog box asking if I was sure i wanted to shut down. Mind you, I didn't press the button for it to shut down so I press cancel thinking i'd hit it by mistake.

Then FRAP! it shuts off. I'm like urhmm, what's wrong baby? (And yes I do treat that computer like an infant.)

i press the power button...Nothing. ok, now it's time to panic. I keep pressing it like a lunatic, cooing and praying that I haven't screwed my Mac in anyway. (I've ony owned it for like a little less than 8 months...yes i know)..

Needless to say I had to pay a visit to the Apple Store. Once I got there, I described the problem to the polite man behind the counter and he starts speaking Geek Squad to me... (I don't think geek squad is Apple, but you know what I mean.) I silently follow along, nodding whenever he takes a breath.

Luckily, I have a warranty and they can fix it.


Anywho, time for some good old fashioned blogging.

I'm working like a mad person on my current WIP, 14 Keys. It's hard as hell trying to write and not go back and edit what I've already written, ya know?

Usually I write a chapter and go back and edit it until I think it's squeaky clean before moving on. Now, none of the chapters are ever squeaky clean and half way through the next chapter, I have to go back and continuously edit what I've already written. Thus, I never really make any progress.

I also write wherever I go. After getting an iPhone (it was free.) I use the notes app and write random scenes that may pop up as I'm working out. My coach thinks I'm texting in his class. As if. (don't you just miss that saying?)
I use paper again and once I have a certain amount written, I head to the clubhouse and type it up. (This is post Mac failure...I know only one night and I'm overreacting.) I'm not sure whether my Mac failure has helped me write more (maybe) and maybe this will help get me out of the dorm so i won't gain Writer's weight.

SN: Have you ever heard of that? I was reading an author's blog and they were talking about how they put writing on hold so they can lose some of their writer's weight. Interesting.

Well, my random ramblings is over for the day and I'm of to English. Love you all, thanks for reading.


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