13 October 2011

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Wow, ten followers in one day, what more can an author be thankful for.

Welcome all.

Now, let's get down to business.

Everyone remembers the Twilight series and how we each (yes, you too, don't try to deny it) wanted the fairytale wedding that Bella had to Edward. Even the honeymoon (wiggle wiggle). We were also surprised with her hesitancy to marry such a complete gentlemen though she wanted to (wiggle wiggle)...Don't you just love my random inputs??

As new writers come on to the scene (such as myself), I often fear that everyone would view the wedding as a "copy" of Twilight. That's often what I see in questions to the author.

Are you going to write it from the guy's perspective? (Anyone remember the rumored Midnight Sun?)

Do they get married in the end?

Those are just a few examples of what I mean. (i've seen those questions on countless faqs pages of my favorite authors).

I don't want to be a Twilight copier, so how do I go about the wedding without it, you know, being the same.

My solution? Make them mates.

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What are mates exactly?

Well, when you combine the life force of two individuals together, they become mates, two halves of a whole. I prefer this concept because of course, marriages can be broken and/or if your mate dies, you're forced to live on without them in agony.

Combining life forces has many benefits. (Says Aiden).

1. If one dies the other shall perish shortly after. (Uhhhh)

2. You can always sense when the other is in danger. (Yes, that might come in handy)

3. You can know when the other person feels (wiggle wiggle). (His words!!)

You have someone to cherish and share the rest of your life with. A person that you're able to share your inner most thoughts with that won't judge you, but will love you still.

Awww. Did you get sentimental on me there Aiden? Perhaps we can arrange something for you. Once I say my farewell to these guys, how about we chat, yes?

Alright guys, thanks for reading, but I would like to know how you feel about weddings in YA novels?? Drop me a line below.


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