15 October 2011


Lately I've been finding new inspirations to write. Perhaps it is a soft breeze, a particular individual, or the love for an author. I've been reading Jacquelyn Frank a lot. Of course I've read every single novel she's written, but as time passes and I learn new ways of perceiving details, I find that I get a new sort of sensory overload when reading her works. They are so detailed and a sense of calm washes over me as I read. Why this is, I'm not sure, but i enjoy it nonetheless.

SN1: I also draw inspiration from an amazing MMA fighter by the name of Jason Mayhem Miller. If you've read my previous posts, you'll know that I'm part of his monkey cult (I'm Mayhem Monkey #M05). Though fighting is his life, he doesn't endorse bullying and he has an overall amazing character. (Though he does beat people up with a smile on his face. *shrug)

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SN: I went to the RAC (it's a sort of gym at my university) and went into the combative (kickboxing) room. I didn't know the MMA (mixed martial arts) club was in there, but they were. Since Aiden is an MMA fighter in my novel, I thought it'd be only accurate to ask them techniques and how exactly to fight. One of them, whose name I didn't learn, was extremely helpful and showed me all the moves I needed to know. He was a sweetheart. (Very attractive too. I guess that's just a bonus).

I always wonder whether or not I should focus my energy on one work or continue to do a chapter at a time for each work. (If your curious to know what each of my works are about, feel free to drop me a line below) I know where I'm going with each one and each of my characters have their own distinct personalities. (If you want to learn more about them, you can drop me a line too.)

I think I just enjoy writing.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Ooo, interested to know what you're writing about; MMA fighters featuring? Sounds interesting...

    New Follower here :-)


  2. Thnx for following! -->and yes, I have decided to make my demons MMA fighters. I don't want to give them all the supernatural powers that one would expect, they have to fight the old fashioned way.

    Oh and they're not soul sucking bat things. (In the words of my favorite character Hemera)




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