17 October 2011

Angels. Demons. Decisions.

Hello to all new followers and welcome back to all my oldies.

I'm trying to decide whether or not this post is going to be long or short, but I guess I'll keep writing until I've said everything.

My main topic for this post is based around my novel, (which there isn't a definite name) Purgatory. It tells the story of Lily, a 16 year old girl, living in the world after Judgment Day.

Now, the characters in this novel are very strong, and I say this because they have been humming in my ears nonstop for weeks. Even if the thought of writing another piece strikes me, they take the urge away so I can focus on them. I've never had this type of phenomenon happen, so I know that this one is going to be intense.

1. Angels

Now angels are a very important aspect in my novel because A) I am channeling a lot of Christianity and B) because it's a cool concept. I'm trying to stay true to their image, but it's quite hard when technically speaking, we know hardly anything about them. Yes, we know certain myths, but that's not enough to base an entire novel on, right?

*Can they eat?
*Can they marry?
*Can they feel emotions?

These are only but a few of the questions that I'm tasked with and I'm not sure how to approach, but I guess that's why it's called fiction.

2. Demons

I'm not sure why so many people associate demons with being hideous beast-like creatures that appear in the night with slobbering mouths and horns. If all angels are beautiful, and yes they were angels at some point, wouldn't that mean that they're beautiful?? I'm sure that corruption could possibly altar their appearance, but I don't want to change them that much.
I'll stick with minor differences so you'll know the difference between angels and demons.

*Can fallen angels be forgiven?
*How do they survive?
*What do they want from humans?

3. Heaven vs. Hell

There will be the ultimate battle between good and evil. This is one of those things where you have to tread carefully. There are many religious individuals that will go into an uproar if you do not write exactly how they want it. I do admit that I'm scared of that, but I also know that I must write for me and my readers and not the critics. Otherwise, I'd never stop writing one book.

*Who will win?
*What happens after?
*Do the two greatest beings make an appearance?

These are just a few minor points. Was this too long...short...just right? Well let me know how you liked it below and if you want to hear more, feel free to drop me a line below. And what are your thoughts? Which way would you lean?

Thanks for reading.



  1. just a bought right, you can do it, new folowr, if you need a review, email me, email on profile page


  2. this is dope voodoo bear!! (btw this is tiff lol)

  3. I would love to review your book, I do them all the time, sounds so interesting as I am a Christian too. Jackie Paulson at jackiepaulson8@gmail.com

  4. > There are many religious individuals that will go into an uproar if you do not write exactly how they want it.

    But uproar can be a good thing!

    Meg (from shewrites.com)



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