03 October 2011

Originally Published 08/03/2011

I've been gone from the blogging world for a while, mainly because of writer's block and other synonyms to that. On countless occasions I've been sitting down trying to write, but I was not able to produce anything so I'd close my Mac and move on to something else in my life.

I hit a break through a couple days ago and instead of typing being my salvation, it was actually the trusty pen and paper. I drafted out another book which coincidently has nothing to do with my other novels of choice. (Senseless ramble).

Upon finding this good fortune of said paper and pen, I stopped turning to my laptop to get things done. I now trust (again said paper and pen) to get all my work done.

I no longer have to worry whether if my computer crashes will I lose all of my work, nor will (once again said paper and pen. How about S.P.P for short, yea?) over heat in the middle of an incredible scene.

Do you still use paper and pen or do you use a laptop??? Please share your thoughts!!


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