03 October 2011

The Purpose of Research (Originally Published July 19, 2011)

So, I've been writing for a while on a new book, (I haven't created a page for them yet) and I was thinking about what the purpose of research is. In certain situations, I do believe that research is important to make your work seem more realistic.

But what's the purpose of getting research about mythological creatures that can be created from your thoughts, feeling, view point, etc.

Now, personally, I do research certain supernatural beings. Greek mythology is very important to the Athena's Medallion Saga because the series revolves around the gods and I want it to be as accurate as possible.

In The Last Valkyrie series, those novels revolve around Valkyries and Norse mythology. There isn't much information about valkyries so I had to improvise and add a bit of my own flare to them. I am going to keep them as the women that led fallen warriors to Valhalla. I don't want to change them too much.

And the last series that I've started (name still unknown) involves Nymphs. Mainly revolved around Elijah, a male nymph. Now, when I researched nymphs, it is said that there are no male nymphs and that the male equivalent would be the satyr, a half man half goat, ugly thing. I want my men to be really gorgeous and I want them to be Nymphs. I can do that. (Why?) Because It's my novel.

Research is important, yes, but I do not think it's important to the point where you spend four years researching one novel. That would make your novel lose its creative edge and give it more of a text book feel.

I miss the creative edge that there used to be in novels. Before everyone and their entire families wanted to become Authors. I miss the true craft of it. It sucks and it disappoints me. (Back to the research.)

How do you go about finding your research and certain aspects that are unique to your novel? I would love for you to post it below in the comments.



P.S. I tend to ramble when I'm writing my blogposts because I like to tell what's on my mind right then so I won't lose the thought. If you don't like it and rather me edit it, you can give me your opinion below

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