01 October 2011


Have you ever done something that may not seem important to others, but to you, you have reached an ultimate accomplishment?

I am experiencing that at the moment. For once since I began writing novels, I'm writing the chapters in order.  I know this may not sound like an accomplishment, but it is to me. I've always written sporadically, which resulted in my novel being all over the place. (Hence the first draft of my novel that I tore up, threw away, and burned.)

So I pat myself on the back for that accomplishment.

Next, I intend to write a complete novel.

I've always had this intention in the past, but I could never finish them. Something was always missing, but I assure you 14 keys will be completed.

That is my last accomplishment by the way, the title of my manuscript is 14 keys.

SN: I've just finished chapter 3 and I'm moving on to chapter four in a bit. 

Another SN: I'm going to start adding images to the blog, perhaps that will make it a bit more interesting, yes?


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