22 September 2011


I realize that i have a problem with editing as I write. Whenever I'm completing a chapter, or at least attempting to complete them, I write it in a little wire bound notebook. You know the ones I mean, yes? For some reason however I can only use the one subject. I tried using the five subject notebook once and it just didn't work. I'm not sure why, it just seemed so big and unclean.

Anyway, I always write the chapter in the little notebook and once I'm done with the immediate thoughts I copy in there, I take it all and put it on my computer. And after doing this, I shred all evidence in the notebook. Strange, yes. Now the problem with this is the fact that while I'm copying it to my computer I subconciously take out out things that I think don't work. Now, while doing this I lose things that could have possibly worked.


No matter how many times my fingers cramp up trying to copy everything on my computer I'm going to make sure that I write everything no matter what my analytical brain tries to tell me.

On a side note: i've been tweeting like a mad woman these past two days because I'm trying to become a MayhemMonkey. What is that?? If you're familiar (or not) with MMA fighting, there's one particular fighter for the UFC named Jason "Mayhem" Miller who is an awesome fighter who leads what he calls the "Monkey Cult." Not everyone can be a part of it however, you have to do homework to get in. And the last particular assignment was to tweet about the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter #14 where he's going to be a coach and the people with the most tweets gets a number. As soon as I read the tweet, I started typing like a crazy person and mind you I don't normally use twitter because I didn't quite understand it so I began with 27 tweets. Today I have 400+ tweets....I think you get the idea. There have been 10 numbers assigned and there are only four spots left. Hopefully I grab one of those last four. Wish me luck.


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