20 September 2011

Currently Reading

Hey guys, I wanted to start a new thing for the blog. and (drum roll please)........TA-DA. A currently reading weekly post. I know, I know, cliche yes? No, not really. I just thought you all might be interested in what I'm reading besides my own work. I'm trying to not be selfish here. I joke. I joke.

So without further ado... Currently Reading for this week...Cassandra Clare's City of Bones.

Before your mouths drop in astonishment, yes, I have read this miraculous novel before. Why am I rereading it? Well, because it was amazing, plus I'm reading a lot of YA at the moment because it's what genre she's in. (She being the manuscript) And what better way to kick off my 'Currently Reading' than to read about the annoying/sexy/sarcastic/(insert adjective) Jace Wayland.

If by chance you have been living under a rock and have not heard of this amazing novel or the amazing author you can check out her website here

On a side note: I am very tired.  It's 7:21 in the morning and I'm up writing her, for the blog, and doing school work all at the same time. I have six arms so I can handle all this.
Why am I not sleep? Because last week I disrupted my sleep pattern by staying up past my bedtime which therefore got worse as the week passed and now here I am, finally getting tired once it reaches the time for me to attend class. No worries however, I fully intend to attend class. (How fast can you say attend and intend back to back?) Perhaps I'll force myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight to disrupt my sleep pattern once again and get back on track. Sound like a plan to me.


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