27 September 2011

On Writing: A memoir of the craft

Hi guys, recently I bought Stephen King's novel, On writing. I'd been meaning to buy it for years, but with all the work and school (plus my countless readings of other novels) I never got the chance to purchase it.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with King's work. The man has written over 20 novels and a lot of them have also been turned into movies. Who better to take writing advice from than the man who thought up IT. (Mind you, that movie terrified me as a child, yet it was brilliant)

Instead of only reading young adult novels, or paranormal romance (Ah, come on, I know, but it's so addicting. Can you blame me?) I'm starting to read the how-to's of fiction. I would like to hear from the authors who have become established (or the publishers) to see what agents are looking for now-a-days. It does change often I hear.

Of course I won't be trying to duplicate their writing, I still want my own identity, but I just want to know about their experiences in writing and what made them begin.

You understand, don't you??


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