27 September 2011


Sometimes I find inspiration in my surroundings. After my morning class, I came back to my dorm and flipped to MTV (no remote to my TV so when I stay between only a couple channels). It just so happened that the show, Awkward., was on.

Though I'm no longer 15 and in high school, it reminded me of my days there and how much I hated my experiences there. Hers was much better than mine I assure you. I always wished I had the female bully that hated me for stupid reasons, or had the hot, popular guy who was also sensitive, like me. I had none of that.

But all things happen for a reason and maybe if I had it easy in high school, I wouldn't be the writer I am today. Right, yes?

As I watched it, I noticed that things that they showed are true of some insecurities you might feel in high school. Especially with a boy you like. It also made me realize that I was making my characters too much like myself because all of them started hating high school.

Now I'm on a new direction and will have to rewrite a couple of scenes, but no worries, it'll work itself out.

SN: Maybe it's just me, or all writers, but I notice different scents. Let me explain. I was on the bus heading to Recreational Center on my campus for my eight o clock class and this girl walked past me and I suddenly thought to myself, "she smells warm, like summer winds." Before while writing I never understood the power of a scent until I started interpreting scents into my writing. I used to say stuff like, "she smelled like apricots and he liked it." There's no imagination in that, right? Now I compare smells to summer winds which I think is cool, for sure.

Anything new happen to you because of writing?


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