21 March 2012

New Story

I think I've gotten better with blogging, trying to do a couple posts a week at least. Now, enough with the introduction, let's get going.

So I'm currently working on a new WIP. (YAY!) And instead of just writing like I normally do, I decided to write out the entire first book. Pretty much like a summary.

It took me 6 pages single typed to write out the entire thing and it's about 3,500 words long. Of course I didn't include every itty bitty detail, but I basically have the heart of the story. My next step is to outline.
I wasn't a really big fan of outlining, but now I know that it is an essential part of my novel writing process. Once I know what direction I'm going in, it's easy for me to write.

So here I am, in stage two of the writing process and I'm getting excited.


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