24 March 2012

Neacel's Background.

Anyone following my blog knows that majority of my characters are from different parts of the world. Why do i do this? Because honestly, I think it adds an extra bit of 'umph' to a story, especially if the dialect is correct.

For my current WIP, based around Neacel and Jessie, I am interweaving different cultures all through out the story. The differences are subtle, but they are there if you look for them.

Take Neacel for example. He is from a place that I think is rich in culture, but I rarely see it in any YA novels.


Besides the fact that this is James Mcavoy, I chose this picture because he's wearing a kilt. If you still don't know the place I mean, I am referring to Scotland.

I have never been to Scotland, but I really want to go. The landscape, the architecture, from what I have seen in pictures, it is gorgeous there.

Because of what Neacel is (don't want to spoil anything), I think it is great to set his background in Scotland.

It is a bit difficult to write with a Scottish accent, considering I have never been there, but research is key to achieving a good tone in the story. I don't plan to over do it, where words are commonly misspelled to achieve the accent I want, but I want it there so the readers get a grasp of what the accent is supposed to sound like.

Anyway, I'm running back to my writing cave and will return soon...

Thanks for reading,

**Do you use accents in your novels?

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