10 October 2011

Pop ups

Hey guys, sorry for the absence, I've been writing a lot lately. You know how it is, yes?

Anywho, I was on the bus today around 8 am on my way back to the dorm when I look up and FRAP! (have you seen the energy blaster 3000 commercial? Hilarious) there was one of my characters. I mean he looked exactly like one of the wolves that I stared at him much longer than what's considered appropriate.

However, I was too afraid to ask him if I could take a picture of him because he looked like one of my friends that exist in my mind. What can I say? I didn't want to look freakish.

Besides that, I'm not sure if I mentioned it in the last post, and I know what you're thinking, I never remember what I put in my posts, but hey even if I do repeat this tidbit, it's worth it.

While reading Veronica Roth's blogI found out she uses a writing software thing (*shrug) called scrivener. I must say that it is God's gift to writers. I can research, add pictures, write, and everything else I might do into one particular document. I can break each part down into chapters and further down into scenes. (Halo)

I'm not very organized so this program works wonders for me...and it has cute little index cards that go with it.

SN: People stare at me. It might be because I like to sing out loud. Not really loud enough where everyone in a three mile radius can hear me because I can't carry a tune to save my life, but I can hum along. Or perhaps its because I laugh at random moments or talk to the characters that like to pipe up at random times. (Can you really blame me?)

Take yesterday for instance, I'm walking to the market on my campus and my friends (in my mind) decided to argue back and forth. Clyde and Riley while Hayley just stares. I won't bore you with word for word detail but the funny part was when Riley said this...

Hayley stands near the fireplace glaring at them both as they argue like children.
Clyde says something.
Riley: Well, I'm not sure if I should waste my time by listening to your idiotic reasoing. Please do not misunderstand, if you give me another millennium, perhaps I will give a damn then.

I mean, who says that? Harsh, right? Funny yes? Well at least I thought so and boy did I gain some looks from that.
Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi, my name is Cecilia. I've used Scrivener, well on trial basis and was thinking of buying it as it's quite convinient. Keep blogging!

  2. I'm using it on trial too. After the trial period is over, I think I'll go ahead and buy it. A good investment I think.



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